The Basics of Adding a Breezeway

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Published: 10th November 2010
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A breezeway can be a good addition to your home, giving extra living space and guard from the elements between parts of your home such as the house and garage. They can also be a patio area, providing a comfortable and functional area that can be used during most of the year. Designs may vary to include both open and enclosed breezeways, depending on how you want do you want it to look, design wise.

Open or Enclosed?

One of the first factors to consider when designing a breezeway is choosing whether it will be an open or enclosed breezeway. In some places where the climate is humid most of the year, an open design breezeway would work well and might save your money. However, in places with cold winter weather, an enclosed design will allow you to maket use of the area as patio space during cooler spring and fall weather. It can also give much-needed security from the unkind winter climate. Function is also essential when deciding between an open and closed design. If you would like to use the breezeway as a "mud room" where you can store boots, shoes, jackets and other outdoor supplies, a covered design would work bestbetter . An covered design would also work best if you wish to utilize the breezeway as aplay area for young children, for they will be safe from any harm.

Architectural Design

If you don't have any skills needed to build the breezeway structure yourself, consider hiring a builder or contractor. Depending on where you live, you might want to check for building codes and regulations. For most cases, you of course want to have electricity accessible in the breezeway, both for lighting and for outlets. Electricity will also allow you to use a portable heater.For open breezeway, please make sure to pick electric lights and outlets that are suitable for outdoor use.You might consider hiring a plumber if you decide to add a water fountain to your breezeway.
Identifying the needs at the early stage of planning is very helpful You should also be sure to design the breezeway in a style that is balance to the total look of the house.

Decorating a Breezeway

There are many different ways of decorating a breezeway, depending on your personal preferences.

Additional patio furniture can be a good choice, since a breezeway can a lovely place to sit and relax or even enjoy meals.Additional electric heater will extend the usefulness of the area during cooler weather, and a mini water fountain can provide a soothing touch.If you plan to utilize the breezeway as a mud room, a storage bench can be a good addition, providing hidden storage in addition to a place to sit when putting on and taking off boots and shoes.A peg rack to hold jackets, hats, umbrellas and other outdoor accessories is also a useful addition to the breezeway.Blinds on the windows to help lessen too much sunlight during the daylight can also make the place more relaxing.

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